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Another incredible year for JLU (Part Five) - A visit to Tole.

Tole represents the true meaning of a "war-torn community" where women and girls are subject to abuse and other societal ills without much hope for assistance or rescue.

Women and children suffer disproportionately in abusive relationships, especially during regional conflicts and economic stagnation. In the case of Cameroon, many women and girls in the restive conflict Region(North West and South West Regions of Cameroon) continue to suffer underrepresentation and affordability for essentials like clothing, food, and pads for children. Economic hardship is underrated, and the overall difficulty is exacerbated. And it will be worse in the years to come.

Responding to the needs of the Tole population, JLU visited with a strong message that included the importance of financial independence, menstrual hygiene awareness, and child sexual abuse awareness and prevention.

The visit conveyed a special message to parents about their involvement in raising girls, menstrual hygiene education, and the rise of child sexual abuse, its impacts, and preventive methods.

These Special Christmas packages included food items, clothing, disposable pads, roll-ons, and cash donations for some.

It is worth noting that this donation aims to build resilience and self-confidence and impact knowledge of economic empowerment/growth as measures to combat GBV in the


See the video recap.

Many thanks to the team in Cameroon, and special thanks to the project manager, Elithres Monono.

We hope for a better and more impactful 2023. Kindly donate by clicking here

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