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JLU Celebrates, as WASH United Reports Record-Breaking Impacts on MH Day .

Recently, WASH United shared a packed full of data and insights on the 2022 MH Day impact. The report stated " After sharing the initial results of Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022 in the summer, we took a deep dive into the data to create, what we hope is, the most interesting and insightful MH Day Impact Report to date.

As you already know, collectively we reached an incredible 687 million people through Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022! Together, our movement broke all previous MH Day records pushing back societal taboos and stigma and increasing the political relevance of the issue like never before."

As a partner organization, JLU is proud to report that it exceeded results in its 2022 MH Day campaign. This year, JLU remained intentional and utilized multiple channels to increase awareness against period stigma, included more men and boys in discussions on how to support women during their periods, and increased access to disposable pads to internally displaced and poverty stricken villages in Fako, Cameroon. In addition JLU expanded menstrual hygiene education materials, distributed menstrual hygiene bracelets to aid in preventing teenage pregnancy, and distributed disposable pads to more than 1200, young girls(+200 in 2022). While there were significant financial challenges, the JLU team worked hard to exceed its 2021 goal of reaching more than 1000 girls. We ask that you donate to help us support 5000 young girls.

Read more on MH Day impact report

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