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Looking Back: 2020 in Retrospect

As the Covid-19 pandemic caused an insurgent in deaths, so did the adverse impacts on Domestic Violence(DV) victims. The lockdown triggered an increase in domestic violence-related deaths and injuries, creating a global concern for victims' safety. Many organizations(non-profit and governmental agencies sprung to action to protect and save victims from their perpetrators..

JustLikeYou(JLU)Global Foundation, a non-profit organization(founded in 2018) with a mission to advocate against domestic abuse and human trafficking, initiated and implemented several educational awareness programs, provided counseling and financial support to victims.

Here are some highlighted activities for 2020

1. Educational awareness programs (virtual and in-person) included and not limited to; creating awareness on the negative impacts of DV to families and the community, detecting signs of abuse, defense training classes, exit strategies and counseling.

JLU also provided financial support to victims to empower and enable exit from abusive relationships (See out events page for related topics on the events page.)

2 . A seminar in Cameroon opened a discussion like no other. Internally displaced women shared their ordeals of abuse, rape and torture as they continue to face challenges as displaced persons during a pandemic.

3. Economic independence is a critical factor in violence prevention. JLU implemented its first empowerment project in Cameroon. Thanks to the generous donors, a container-beauty -salon is now operational for a survivor who desperately needed financial assistance to exit an abusive relationship.

4. A Christmas giveaway in Bitingi village in Buea, Southwest Region, Cameroon, left the villagers very happy and hopeful for the future.

5. JLU's "One Girl, One Pad" project kicked-off successfully with menstrual hygiene education with the distribution of pads to young girls who attended the event.

JLU management wishes to thank the JLU team in Cameroon & America for the commitment and hard-work. Without their brilliant ideas, devotion and actions, JLU would not accomplish its 2020 objectives.

Hearty thanks to esteemed donors who contributed financially, bought t-shirts and other JLU apparels. Your generous contributions impacted lives across the globe and you should be proud. JLU management hopes for your continued support and involvement with upcoming activities.

To support JLU Global Projects click here

A thank you message from the 2020 Saloon recipient.

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