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Pembe’s story of gang rape in Cameroon.

At age 19, pembe left her mother's home in Buea and travels to Kwakwa to visit her grandmother.  Pembe who happened to be a secondary school student and the first to a poor family of 4 , a single mother and 3 siblings .

Pembe would usually visit her grandmother every year but on this particular holiday in the year 2018 she ventured on a journey to go assist her grandmother for the year's harvest.

 On a Friday morning while she left for the farm all alone she came in contact with a group of boys who arrested her and took her into their camp leaving her poor family behind to wonder her whereabouts. While in their camp Pembe was used as a 'wife' she says to the leader of their gang and was often been passed on to other members of the group for sexual gratification.

After spending almost a year in the forest with these people ,there was a shoot out between the group and the military where a kind military officer stumbled upon her almost lifeless body and decided to help. She spent weeks in the hospital on treatment and then later returned to her family after they had already giving up any hopes of ever seeing her again.

" i was treated worst than a dog, each new sun rise to me was like spending yet another day in hell. Right now i don't even know if I'll ever trust a man and i don't know where to start from even though time has passed but my wounds are still very fresh" Pemba said. Sometimes all I feel like doing is end my life but for my poor mother I am forced to go on. It is hard to think about the past for me. The memories are dark and dirty for me. I pray nobody experiences what I went through for one year in the hands of those boys.

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