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The JLU Abuse Awareness Walk - A Day to Remember.

October is National Domestic Abuse Violence Awareness Month. According to, domestic violence is a national problem that knows no racial, religious, cultural, or economic boundaries. It not only affects those who are abused, but it may also negatively impact family, friends, co-workers, and others. Recently, Cameroonians in the U.S and Canada witnessed increased numbers of abuse related deaths, child sexual abuse cases and abuse-induced trauma stories. To advocate against the recuring deaths, many people across different states joined the #jlumovement, walked miles, and engaged in deep discussions with a goal to create awareness, show love and support to victims of abuse.

See images below.

The Pouhikers of Md under the leadership of Mena(Pouhikers lead), and Enny (JLU lead).

Columbus, Ohio, under the leadership of Linda(lead) below:

MN, led by LaBelle(Lead) and Inez Belie(abuse activist).

Florida, led by Marie Mballesube, her children(Dyllis and Ella), and siblings(Paulyne Ntuba, John Ngalame) joined the walk.

More videos with Pouhikers below:

While October is abuse awareness month, remember that people suffer abuse everyday. JLU will continue to advocate against abuse and invest in social intervention programs.

Many thanks to JLU volunteer leads, and supporters for an impactful walk.

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